Mutant Digivolution (Mutant Evolution) is a new type of Digivolution introduced in D-Power 2.0 and also happened in Summer of Adventure. Instead of the normal process of Digivolution, the Digimon will change into another Digimon.

Uses in Digimon

Summer of Adventure

In Summer of Adventure, Gaomon Digivolved but accidentally got caught up with Black Smoke producing the X-Antibody, causing him to Mutant Digivolve to BurstShaomon. Mummymon also Digivolved purposefully with the Black Smoke to become Pharoahmon X.

D-Power 2.0

Mutant Digivolution is possible when 2 Tamers Digi-Modify with Digivolution at the same time with D-Power 2.0 Digivices. When used correctly, it could make Terriermon Digivolve into Growlmon etc.

Luke and Henry both used Mutant Digivolution together, in hopes of getting GoldRapidmon by confusing the fan:D-Power 2.0 from Luke's Lopmon to BlackGargomon and Henry's Terriermon to Gargomon to get Vice-Versa but the wrong Data is Input to make GoldRapidmon, it fails however, creating a DNA form of MegaGargomon and BlackMegaGargomon called Rapbitmon. This shows that Mutant Digivolution can be used as DNA Digivolution.

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