Knightdramon and Doomdramon are two legendary Royal Knights who appeared only when Digital World is in danger.Because of their supreme power,they sealed themselves deep inside Digital World.Other Royal Knights respect them more that Yggdrasil.



|level=Mega |attribute=Data |family=Virus Busters |type=(Ja:) Holy Knight Digimon
(En:)Dragon Warrior

Knightdramon is Knight Dragon Warrior whose name is made from words "Knight and "Dramon".One of Legendary Royal Knights.He is the strongest of all knights and he appeared only when Digital World is in state of destruction.


  • Gama Ray:Fires huge energy laser beam from his right cyborg hand.
  • Royal Blades:Attacks his enemy's with both his knight swords.
  • Dragons Fury:Fires two different colors beam from dragons head on its shoulder.
  • Golden Sword of Holy Knights:Summon large sword from his hands for his final attack"Slash of Excalibur".
  • Slash of Excalibur:Attack with golden Claimure that contains all his power.



|level=Mega |attribute=Virus |family=Dragon Roar |type=Dragon Knight

DoomDramon is Dragon Knight Digimon whose name is made of words"Doom and"Dramon.He is the second Legendary Royal Knight and guardian of all Dragon-type Digimon.He,together with Knightdramon protect Digital World from state of destruction.


  • Doom Blast:Shoot large energy sphere from his mouth.
  • Dragon Inferno:Surround his opponent with flame that is from Hell.
  • Dragon Claw:Attack with sharp claw.
  • Beginning of Doom:Summons the greatest element catastrophes for his final attack"Doomsday Nova".
  • Doomsday Nova:Throw a giant ball created from combined four elements.

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