(??? TBA)
Title Mighty Legion
Level Mega
Type Swarming
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Prior forms TBA

Nagadramon is part of the The Big Four and is based on a Naga. It swarms the Dark Area in massive amounts of numbers to the point they overwhelm all other inhabitants of the Dark Area. They are known to attack even the most mightiest of dark Digimon by swarming them with massive numbers and sheer strength, making even the most unphased of Mega Digimon run in panic. Even an Armageddemon will not stay around for long to even get a glimpse of these things before they start destroying everything in sight. Oddly, though all Nagadramon are known to be Male, there exist Nagadramon eggs practically littering the places they go to. The appearance of these eggs is odd indeed, but may have to with the Legendary six-armed individual known to exist somewhere in the Dark Area. It's mouth can open extremely wide compared to other Digimon, which gives it a more intimidating appearance.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Nagadramon is one of the potential bosses in the main storyline provided it's line is faced last out of a group of four different Digimon. Nagadramon's unique characteristic in the boss fight is that you face 100 of them, 5 at a time, as the boss battle. Referencing the title it has, one Nagadramon qoutes "Thy name is Legion, for we are many" before a lot of Nagadramon suddenly appear from the shadows surrounding the seemingly lone Nagadramon.

Nagadramon specializes in the Dark element and is an Attacker Digimon. It digivolves from a to be announced Ultimate Stage at Level 60 and has been traded between games at least once. It is a Digimon parallel to the Pokemon Machamp, but has an entirely different playstyle.