In diginon world heroes, when you first get to the digital world, you find Nanomon (fresh). After chasing off a Pagumon who was bullying him, he asks if you want to be partners, nd he becomes a permanent member of your team. He resembles a floating, white orb with eyes and a mouth. 

Nanomon (In-Training) appears just before the battl tutorial as Nanomon digivolves. He is a dragon digimon that resembles a a blue Koromon. He is a Vaccine type Dragon digimon. Moves: Nano Claw Nano Spark


Sparkmon appears when Nanomon gets to Lv.5. He resembles a blue agumon (2006 anime) with a white 'X' on his belly. Moves: Red Flare Red Hot Claws


Spikemon appears when Sparkmon gets to Lv.10. He resembles a big blue Tyrannomon with a big, gold X on his belly and spikes down his back. Moves: Spike Ball- curls up in a ball and rolls at the opponent. White Flare White Hot Claws


Wyvernmon appears when Spikemon gets to Lv.20. He resembles a blue, winged dragon with golden spikes on his back. Moves: Blue Flare Blue Star Blaster Black Star Storm


Megamon resembles a collossal, blue-skinned VictoryGreymon covered in Gold Digizoid. He appears when Wyvernmon gets to Lv.40. Moves: Supernova Flare

Hypernova Flare
Shining Victory

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