Nate Granger
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Academy
First appearance Some Strange New Faces
Last appearance Epilogue
Age 15
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Academy Student, Tamer

Nathaniel Granger also known as Nate is a main character in the story Fan:Digimon Academy. He is the human partner to Dorumon who eventually becomes the Royal Knight Alphamon. He is known to be very hot headed and is called by Ryan Lance as a "Natural Leader".


Nate has messy brown hair and eyes. On top of his head were silver round goggles. He wore a black T-Shirt with a dark blue short sleeved jacket, dark gray jeans, black fingerless gloves, dark gray sneakers, and a belt that held his D-Cyber.


Nate is a caucassian American who has a very close bond with his partner Dorumon. When he was young he was sucked into the Digital World by a random Digital Gate. Once there he was attacked by a crazed Angemon but Dorumon came and saved him. He then bit Nate and licked the wound in apology. He then brought Nate to his home and gave him his digivice which he came across during one of his travels. He has a lot of power to use his digivice and increase his digimon's power.

He is hot-headed and adventureous and is a natural born leader. Of course he is a goggle head and could be considered the goggle head of his team, even though he is not digidestined or there for the final battle with Belphemon.

He is one of the only two human members of the Royal Knights along with Alex Estarimon.

Throughout the series it is hinted that he and Yuan Wang are interested in each other, being the first to talk to her, break her out of her shell by inviting her to do many things with him and his friends, the way their digimon act towards them and the biggest hint is when Yuan kisses his cheek and he is speechless/blushes.

Eventually he marries Yuan and has his child Danny Granger with her. Most likely he has retired as a Royal Knight and it is unknown what happened to Alphamon.

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