This mega level demon lord digimon only cares about the complete obliteration of everything in its path. This digimon was sealed away long ago in a seperate off shoot of the dark arena. This digimon must always be sealed and under extreme sleep. When this digimon is awake it destroys everything. With its mega necro blast attack it can destroy the entire digital world and when an opponent gets hit by any limb or appendige they will automatically die. The origins of this digimon are a mystery since no known digimon that are currently alive have the power to even stand near this beast. Some of the elder digimon say that only the combined powers of The olympus 12 and 10 Ancient Warriors were able to seal the beast in the darkest part of the digital world. Even sealed the power of this digimon hurts the digital world, the power that leaks out of the area creates evil digimon bent on nothing but destruction and gaining power.

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