Neleah Schnitzer
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot
First appearance A New Year and a New Threat(cameo)
Digivice(s):Cyan Digivice Burst
Age 15
Gender female
Nationality Austrian/German
Occupation Academy Student, Tamer

Neleah Schnitzer is a Tamer appearing in Fan:Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot. She is partners with Kotemon. Neleah was born in America. Her father is Austrian and her mother is German. Her accent isn't as thick as thiers,but it's till there.


Long brown hair that goes to mid back, hazel eyes, fit body. A snug fitting light blue t-shirt under a light grey hoodie(sleeves cut off)Jeans with holes in them. 5ft 7in is her height. 125Ibs is her weight.


Neleah first appears in a cameo passing by Region and the Noobs and saying hi. She gets along well with many people, even those who seem cold and uncaring, like Patrick. While in the Digital World her first year at Digimon Academy she and Kotemon were fighting a Dinohyumon. Because of his timid personality he gave up when Dinohyumon attacked him and made Neleah angry making him corrupt digivolve and Neleah has never been able to fix this. It is revealed she traveled with her roommate and best friend Fan: Keiko Matsunami the year before and they spent the whole time searching for 'Cat Call Tower'.

Category:Fan Tamer

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