Title Contained Legacy
The First Deity
Level Ultra
Type Neo Reincarnation
Attribute Unknown
Family Dragora
Deletion Area
Prior forms ZeroDragoramon?

To everyone else, the Digital World was created in 1973 with Solomon and Eaglemon. How wrong they were in the belief that they were the first Digimon to exist, and that the fictional universes are merely fictional.

Eons ago, another universe existed in which many new species of Digimon existed, but near the end of a great conflict the ruler of these new Digimon, Dragoramon, was facing off against an Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, who managed to best Dragoramon by completely anihilating the universe before it even existed, ensuring that Dragoramon would not exist. The universe that it was ceased to exist, and everything else involved in it were no more.

This plan failed entirely. It merely made Dragoramon into a much more powerful form than even his supposed final form, ZeroDragoramon. Everything was done that could possibly have been done to ensure Dragoramon would never return, and they knew if Dragoramon ever did, he would end up chained by his arms and legs, and have his mouth entirely sealed, and it's tail covered in a powerful metal as to prevent them from spitting into a vortex. Little did everyone realize, however, is that the plans to clone Biodramon back into existence pretty much freed Dragora in it's new form...

"Thy name is NeoDragoramon, for I am many!!!"

Digimon Classic

(See NeoDragoramon)

Despite it's relatively recent design compared to the other Digimon of it's past era, it does not appear in Digimon Classic. However, it is heavily hinted at such as Solomon is personally given a tour of the Royal Knight's lair, as Omnimon briefly tells him of a special room specifically used to contain NeoDragoramon, as NeoDragoramon is currently frozen in time due to the Omni Sword from Imperialdramon Paladin Mode being used to keep him that way. After escaping the Royal Knight's lair, Solomon briefly stops by the room to mock NeoDragoramon, but despite being unable to mark remarks back at Solomon, it knows exactly what Solomon is saying to him at the moment.

If NeoDragoramon does appear, it'll be in one of Digimon Classic's sequels, as it planned to be a Trilogy split apart by timeskips. Also despite the monochrome coloration planned for all three, NeoDragoramon's magenta bits are still the same, and his dialogue is also colored Magenta. When B/C was still a project that Shiramu-Kuromu was working on, Dragoramon's line was intended to be given models that stood out entirely from all the other models, as Dragoramon is not meant to fit in whatever dimension it is currently in due to the fact it's a living black hole taking the form of a draconic creature.