Title Pretender Sovereign Lord
Level Super Ultimate
Type God Beast
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Nightmare Soldiers
Wind Guardians
Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Prior forms NeoSeiryūmon + NeoSuzakumon + NeoByakkomon + NeoGenbumon

NeoKōryūmon is a Legendary Digimon and a fusion of the 4 Neo Sovereigns, or False Sovereigns as referred to by the actual Sovereigns. Their creation is a mystery given the fact the Sovereigns already exist, but some say it was because this Digital World completely lacked Sovereigns and thus these Digimon were created. It is said a massive war occurred when the actual Sovereign Digimon discovered them, but the copies turned out to be stronger than them and forced them and all older Digimon species out of the new Digital World, and it wasn't until a second continent was created did any of the old Digimon return.

Digimon Bronze and Cobalt Versions

NeoKōryūmon is the 3rd to last Boss in the main storyline and is summoned by Therizamon as a last ditch effort to stop the player before attempting to finish him/her off himself. It specializes in the Energy Element and is a Balanced Digimon. It can be found at the end of the game at the ruins of Therizamon's Fortress with the other Neo Sovereigns being found in the different corners of the continent representing their design influence.