Neo Tamers, or sometimes known as Digimon Neo Tamers is a fanfic focusing on the children of the Digimon Tamers. It takes place twenty five years after Digimon Tamers (2027). It also takes place in the Digimon Adventure 1 and 2 Digital World for Digital World parts. To help things mover on, Gennai will appear and help the new tamers in the story. All the Neo Tamers will have a D-Power because that is my favourite digivice, :D.

Between Last Episode And Neo Tamers

Takato and Jeri had gotten married, as well as Rika and Ryo. Everyone but, Suzie, Ai, and Mako, have one child who had their own Digimon partner with the exception of Ashlee who has two Digimon. Calumon stays in the Real World with Takato and Jeri. No one remembers anything about Digimon after twenty five years so, the partners are free to walk around with their partners. If they walk on the ground, everyone thinks they are a strange dog, if they fly/float everyone thinks they are birds.

  • Danjuro "Dan" Matsuki- The son of Takato and Jeri, Dan takes after his father in being the goggle-head leader of the Tamers. He is cheerful and loves all Digimon. He is hot-headed and rarely looks before he leap, which gets him, his friends and his partner Guilmon into trouble. He is good friends with all the other tamers and is a soccer player on the local team.
  • Jonasan "Jonathan" Wong- He is the son of Henry, and like Henry, he is very calm and the voice of reason in the group. Jonathan is best friends with Dan and good friends with the other tamers. His partner is the same as Herny's, a Terriermon.
  • Ashura "Ashlee" Akiyama- She is the daughter of Ryo and Rika, and the only girl Neo Tamer. She is a more of a loner than Rika (if possiable) and is very rebelious because her parents were always working and she was being boucned around friends houses. She is very stubborn and shuts everyone out but her partners, mostly because she thinks they are her only friends.
  • Kojiro "Koh" Shioda- He is the son of Kazu and has a Hagurumon as his partner. He is very annoying and can be a pain. But his is the comedian of the group. He is good friends with everyone of the Neo Tamers.
  • Sumaru "Sam" Kitagawa- He is the son of Kenta, with his partner a Tsukaimon. He is best friends with Koh, and they are usually see together.
  • Alex Yamaki- Son of Reika Ootori & Mitsuo Yamaki, His digimons are BlackAgumon & Agumon. He doesn't talk much & the only people he does talk to are his digimon & Ashlee, he likes it like that.


Name Of Tamer Babt In-Training Rookie
Jyarimon b
Gigimon t
Guilmon t
row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3 row 1, cell 1
row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3 row 1, cell 1

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