The story takes place in West Shinjuku. There are three new Tamers out and I decided to make the crests have an appeance in this story. The other tamers make some appearances. when in the Digital World, it will be the Adventure 1/02 Digital World.

Characters/New Tamers

The new tamers are a brother-sister pair and the goggle-boy.

  • Danieru "Daniel" Tanaka- Daniel is the goggle-boy in this story. He is hot-headed and doesn't look before he leaps. This trait gets himself and the others into trouble and danger. He is also caring. He tries to get Ashlee to open up a bit more, but results on her being more of a loner. He is the bearer of courage and he has a partner he has a Agumon.
  • Ashurii "Ashlee" Yamaki- Ashlee is a strong tomboy and a loner . She is based off a combo of many anime DigiDestined/Tamers. She is the older sister of Sam and is thirteen years old. Ashlee is very protective of her younger brother. Ever since her mother died when she was four, she has been very closed out from most except a few, such as her brother. This just grew when her father, Mitsuo Yamaki married Riley shortly after the defeat of the D-Reapper, when she was five, and hasn't been accepting of her. She is the bearer of Friendship and has a Gabumon for her partner. She cares a lot for her partner.
  • Kanji "Sam" Yamaki- Sam is the youngest of the group and Ashlee's younger brother at the age of ten. He is sort of based of TK. He is very happy and can't be put in a bad mood easily. He tries to be brave when faced with a Digimon even though he is really afraid. When he becomes a tamer, he is trying to hid his partner Tsukaimon from his father, Mistsuo Yamaki and stepmother Riley because he is afraid they might take him and experiment on him at Hypnos. He is the bearer of Kindness for his kind nature. His partner has a strange digivolution line...

Digivolution Lines

  • Botamon-Koromon-Agumon-Greymon-BurningGreymon-VictoryGreymon
  • Punimon-Tsunomon-Gabumon-Garurumon-KendoGarurumon-ZeedGarurumon
  • Poyomon-Tokomon-Tsukaimon-Airdramon-MagnaAngemon-Seraphimon


The digivices are D-Power Crest. They are the same as the old ones only they are a silver colour instead of white. And they have the crest engraved on the back.

  • Daniel-Red
  • Ashlee-Purple
  • Sam-Yellow

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