Level Super ultimate
Type Mutant
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Deep Savers
Prior forms ElDradimon

NeoDradimon was created by the combination of ElDradimon with futuristic architecture styles thus becoming a futuristic version of El Dorado. In order to become more defensible NeoDradimon has two sidemounted cannons for use when he feels in danger. Unlike many super ultimates, who stay in other dimensions in order not to meet inferior species, NeoDradimon roams the digital world due to it's humble nature.


  • Meteor Bombardment: Fires it's cannons to hit his opponent several times, however this attack is inaccurate and therefore rarely used.
  • Metal Tectonics: stomps the ground to cause a metalic spike from the ground to impale his opponents.
  • Cyber Nipper: bites through his opponent electrocuting them in the process.