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Poseidon (Neptunemon)
(ポセイドン (ネプトゥーンモン))
Neptunemon b
Appears in:Digimon Re: Story

Poseidon is not the smartest of Digimon around. Not by a long shot. Often relying on Sheriff for need-to-know information, Poseidon doesn't seem to offer much of his own in terms of intellect. Not even on days when he stays at the DigiFarm does he ever actually learn anything beneficial to him. Enju has to actually force herself to try and teach Poseidon that he is a lot smarter than what he makes himself out to be. Granted, Enju can never push herself to be harsh about Poseidon's studies, and thus that is often why Flare believes that Poseidon may never truly learn how to behave like a smart, intelligent Digimon. At one point, Sheriff had offered to teach Poseidon on fateful day, and Poseidon actually seemed to improve in intellect by a good portion... until Poseidon was out shopping and apparently got lost with what he was trying to buy but was in the wrong shop for what he went out to get in the first place. Flare admits that she may have had a little too much fun just listening to Sheriff argue with Poseidon over the phone during that incident, since Poseidon, according to her, is the only Digimon alive who could drive Sheriff to absolute frustration. Possibly due to his low intelligence, Poseidon is the second to last of Enju's primary team of Digimon to evolve to Mega Level. The only reason he was the second to last at all was because a particular Digimon had a very difficult evolution requirement even by normal standards.

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