Before Dragons Rising

Before the events of Dragons Rising,Nicola had been one of four children who saw Dorugamon and Ginryumon fighting a MarineDevimon.When he was defeated,three of the children became good Digi-Destined while the other became one of evil.


Nicola is fairly tall and has teal colored eyes and brown hair.She wears a cranberry colored tee-shirt and jeans.She wears black combat boots that the strings are alos colored Cranberry.Her D-3 is white with cranberry colored grips.

Nicola's D-3

Nicola's D-3


Nicola is fairly calm but will get angry quickly excepicaly with enemy digimon or bullies.For some reason Zen considers Nicola his rival that he must destroy. Later in the season she is show to have grown a little and has become more mature.

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