Type Machine
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Metal Empire
Next forms Spiraldramon (w/ GigaCyberdramon)

Nirgranmon is a Machine Digimon whose name is derived from the word meaning "free of all ties" (nirgrantha). Nirgranmon was believed to be born simultaneously from both the data of the heavens and "doing the impossible". It is a Digimon with a daredevil personality, believing that nothing is impossible for it to accomplish. Possessing unusually high energy levels surpassing nearly every Digimon, a tough, flexible armor and Chrome Digizoid drills meant to pierce anything even tommorrow, this heaven-piercing warrior is ready for anything. When paired along with GigaCyberdramon, the two will prove to be nothing to be played with for they are the ultimate tag-team among all others within the Digital World.


  • Drill Mode (Nirgran Impact): Merges its arms to its torso with the legs combined together. All the drills on its body will form together and one massive drill appears from its lower body, capable of piercing almost any solid matter.
  • Drill Impact: All the drills on its body will form together into a drill bigger than itself from its arm(s). Then tears through the opponent.
  • Grand Beam: Fires an energy beam from the drill in its forearm.
  • Grand Wave: Fires an energy beam from all the drills sticking out of its body, attacking every surrounding enemy.
  • Incinerate Buster: Nirgranmon performs its Drill Impact while GigaCyberdramon uses its Giga Inferno attack. The two attacks combine into a blazing meteor that wipes out anything for up to a hundred miles.
  • Duo Beam Spiral: Nirgranmon fires its Grand Beam while GigaCyberdramon uses its Shade Strike attack. The two attacks unite into a mighty drill of friendship and teamwork.