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No Clowning Around
(Superubaundo! Pieokutamon no aku feaguraunzu!)
"Spellbound! PieOctmon's Evil Fairgrounds!"

No Clowning Around is the eleventh episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


The DigiDestined attend a fair at Tokyo Park, along with Carly's cousin Kyra. What they don't know is the fair is controlled by Lilithmon, & all the "clowns" are actually Claymon.

One particular clown, named Pineapple, lures Kyra away from Carly when she isn't looking. Carly catches up with Kyra, only to witness Pineapple turning Kyra into a cardboard cutout. Carly is horrified & angry. She informs the rest of the DigiDestined, who have all the people evacuated before taking on the Claymon. Carly takes Kyra to Nicky's lab to try & return her to normal.

After all the Claymon are dealt with, the DigiDestined confront Pineapple, who reveals himself as OctoPiedmon. The DigiDestined summon their Digimon & prepare to fight, but MadLeomon, Grumblemon, Etemon, & more Claymon show up. Meanwhile, at Nicky's lab, Carly & Kokuwamon discover that the one thing Kyra is missing is water. Kokuwamon pours a bucket of water onto Kyra, who is restored to normal just a few seconds later.

Back at the park, OctoPiedmon attempts to turn the DigiDestined into cardboard the same way he did Sylvia, only to find that the DigiDestined's digivices protect them from the gold dust so he swings his tentackles & shoots energy balls, which knock the DigiDestined down. Lilithmon then makes the Digimon grow with her wand.

Carly then arrives, now that Kyra is safe. The DigiDestined make their Digimon grow to fight OctoPiedmon. Nicky ties the Digimon up with Triceramon's laser horns while Spencer has Mammothmon shoot his ice breath to freeze the Digimon. DinoOmnimon then destroys OctoPiedmon with his cranial laser. Back on the moon, Lilithmon has yet another headache.

Later, the fair reopens under human supervision. Carly apologizes to Kyra about what happened. Kyra admits that she should not have wandered off, then tells Carly that she is a good babysitter.

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