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Level Ultimate
Type Fairy
Attribute Vaccine
Family Jungle Troopers
Prior forms Flytramon
Next forms Walimon
Partners Hisui "Hazel" Kawari

Noliamon is Lavenmon's Ultimate level.She is similar to both Lilimon & Lilamon based on appearnace.Noliamon has a flower crown on top of her long,lime-green hair.Noliamon's large petal wings help her fly really high & glide very swiftly.Her name comes from "magnolia",a type of flower.


  • Petal Whorl: Magnolia petals form & slash out as Noliamon spins swiftly.
  • Sepal Spears: Flies high in the air & shoots out spear-like sepals at the enemy.
  • Photosynthesis Charm: Creates streams of solar energy which will wrap around the enemy & cause temporary paralysis.

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