Level Ultimate
Type Flame
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Meramon

NoxMeramon is a flame digimon, born of Meramon and corrupt data. When exposed to high levels of corrupt data, or infected by a virus, Meramon can digivolve into Noxmeramon. Nox, coming from the Latin word meaning night. Noxmeramon is a very unstable digimon, but is inevitably evil, and a little bit insane, due to his unstable structure.


  • Dark Flame: Throws dark fireballs that can cause data corruption on impact.
  • Black Magma Blast: Similar to Meramon's Magma Blast attack, it emits magma rocks which rain upon his opponents.
  • Night Aura: NoxMeramon inflames himself with a dark aura of fire and charges at the opponent recklessly.
  • Meteor Fireball: Spews a destructive ball of melted crystal from his mouth. Alternatively he fires purple fire mixed with liquid crystal so that it clings to an opponent.

Variations / Subspecies

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