(??? TBA)
Level In-Training
Type Shrimp
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms TBA
Next forms TBA

Obamon is a Data Attribute Digimon that was created for reasons unknown. Out of a set of three Digimon, each of which created after the ZeroDragoramon incident, Obamon was given the Data Attribute compared to the other two having Vaccine and Virus as their attributes. Obamon is rather odd in appearance, due to the fact it's head looks like it has a beak, it's body covered in a primitive shell, and it's oddly shaped tail and the fins on it's side. It's beak is actually a mandible it uses to grind bits of food into it's circular, toothless mouth that's below it's head. It's eyes are always closed as if it is sleeping constantly. Compared to it's final form, Obamon hardly resembles it at all.

Digimon World: Aftermath