(オムニグレイモン OmniGreymon)
Title The Omega Knight
Level Zetta
Type Ultimate Dragon Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms VictoryGreymon
Partners Kin "Kiiro" Hirota

OmegaGreymon is an Ultimate Dragon Knight Digimon, whose name and design are derived from the Omega InForce and VictoryGreymon. It is the most powerful of the Greymon-species, being one of the only Digimon in existence to ever surpass the Ultra Level. It was created form the bond between a Digimon and it's Tamer, and it wields a divine sword given to it by Yggdrasil known as the WarGrey Sword. It's power is said to even surpass Yggdrasil, and it Digivolved to fight an overwhelming evil.