Imperialdramon Paladin Mode vg

The universes energy empowers his mighty blade.He is chaosmon's final form,Chaosmon Golden Savior Mode

Omnimon t

The original Omnimon.

Chaosmon (Re-Digitize) b

This is Omnimons Form From DX

Susanoomon t

Omnimon's Form from Frontier

Name: Level: Digivolves from:
Omnimon Mega Wargreymon + MetalGarurumon
Chaosmon Mega Darkdramon + Bancholeomon
Name: Level: Digivolves From:
Susanoomon Mega EmperorGreymon + MagnaGarurumon

Omnimon is one of the members of the Royal Knights.It is the united form of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon.His powers is the combined strenght of a dragon and a dog.He is the one who is the Universes last hope.He was Wiped out by Gaiamon in the year 4000.

Chaosmon This is Omnimon's form in Digimon DX(Digivolution X-ecute).He has the strenght of BanchoLeomon and the power of Darkdramon.He uses his sword to rip holes in time and his Darkdraray to absorb data and releases it as powerful blows of energy able to destroy galaxies.He is the Final Hope of the entire universe against ChaosOmnimon and Gaiamon.He also has a secret Stronger than Omnimon.He kills ChaosOmnimon,but is tossed around like a toy by Gaiamon.But he then unlocks the true power of Courage,Friendship and Miracles and he X-evolves into Chaosmon Golden Savior Mode.With the power of all his friends and the Digital World he through the omnisword into the core of Gaiamon separating him from the Earth and reverting him back to Galacticmon.Now with the Earth away from the threat he used his chaossaber sword attack to destroy every piece of him.

Susanoomon This Omnimon's form in Frontier.He has the appearance of both Magnagarurumon's and Emperorgreymon's armour with Omnimon's head.He is the combination of all 10 legendary wariors.He fights for the sake of human and digimon kind alike.He catiously attacks foes with his mighty blade.He desperatly and apparently kills Lucemon when he sees his comrades lying on the ground in Digimon DX.He is quickly wiped out and severly wounded when Lucemon gives his life to Gaiamon which revives him and takes his rage out on Susanoomon and Omnimon.He gives Chaosmon his Sword and energy.Omnimon also loaned his strenght to him also and then he vanished.

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