Margaret walks up the tower into her room. Omnimon calls Magnamon over to the old Royal Knights room. As Magnamon walks in he is stopped by Jasmine.

Jasmine said,Where ya going Magna?

Magnamon answered politely,Sorry my lady. Omnimon called me over to chat. I will be up in a minute.

Jasmine asks sarcastically,Why can't you be like that in rookie form.

Magnamon walks in and sits down where his old spot at the table.

Omnimon: The code X got held a code that led to earth.

Magnamon: But that means X-Virals can corrupt this world and take over earth.

Omnimon:But if we get there first....

Magnamon: But we need to find the digidestined first.

Omnimon: Not if I know who they are. I found them all I need to do is give them real digivices and digimon. There we are stars of a show and game. So I'll travel to a computer when they are all there.

Magnamon: Why dont't we all go to earth.

Omnimon: That would protect the aires... Yes. We'll all leave tomorow.

Just then a big loud bang accoured. The two knights ran out into the grand hall. Omnimon saw Margaret under Omnimon-Xs arm.

Omnimon-X chuckled,Well, get your codes ready, your goin to earth.

A digital gateway opened. The X-Vitals went through and it closed.

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