Title Ultimate Challenge
Level Zero Limit Breaker
Type Bio Dragon
Attribute Free
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Jungle Troopers
Prior forms Datirimon

After having granted a long-forgotten wish that The Grand One had always desired, Datirimon was granted the power of a Legendary Digimon, perhaps even more so than necessary due to the leftover power from ZeroDragoramon's death. As such, Datirimon went from a mere Fresh Level Digimon to a earth shattering Zero Limit Breaker Digimon, much like how ZeroDragoramon was. It's name since then forever became known as Organidramon, a Legendary Digimon that's the embodiment of all organic life and the representation of the constellation Virgo. It's power is so vast it holds control of the original 8 crests, with the crest of Kindness and Inspiration being used to power most of it's form, with each of the vines on it's back flower representing the former 8 crests. While it's helmet looks mechanical in appearance, it is actually more like a Turtle's shell rather than made of metal. Organidramon is the only one of the Star Guardians to be entirely organic. It's eyes are actually a blank void that shows a distant galaxy, which is rumored to be the true birthplace of Dragoramon and the home of ultimate paradise.

Digimon World: Aftermath

Organidramon represents the ultimate challenge up to the point in the game it's face, and is a counterpart of Gaiamon in how it is first faced. Organidramon's power increase from Datirimon is so great it simply skips every form in-between when digivolving, but the digivolution requirement is extremely rough for a Digimon that stays Fresh all the rest of the time, while the other juggernauts such as Dragoramon go up to Mega, and the Mechadramons are always at least Mega level. It digivolves from Datirimon at Level 999 with 10,000,000 in each Species Exp.