Level Mega
Type Mutant
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire

Paganmon is a Mutant Digimon whose design comes from the "space biker" character and whose name derives from the biker group, the Pagans. Known as the baddest biker in the Human and Digital Worlds, Paganmon rides through the Digital World in its rocket bike, known as the "Heaven's Devil", causing damage and inflicting fear to anyone he sees. The Heaven's Devil is capable of ripping a portal between the two worlds, allowing Paganmon to cross into the human world at will.


Paganmon's appearance is that of a male humanoid with dark blue skin, piercing pink eyes, long flowing light green hair, and a gold tooth in its mouth. It wears a red biker's helmet, a white undershirt, and a purple biker's jacket with yellow flames on it. A light blue chain is wrapped around its left arm, and it wears brown boots. The Heaven's Devil is a cylindrical dark silver rocket with two handlebars in the front, the front of the rocket fashioned to look like a dragon's head. Purple fire is expelled from the exhaust end, and small exhaust pipes below it release smoke like a real bike's exhaust. Purple flames form "wheels" on the bottom to make it look like a bike.


  • Cosmo Chain - Unravels his chain and twirls it around until it glows blue, then rapidly lashes his target.
  • Road Rage Roaster - The dragon head on the front of the Heaven's Devil opens up, and a wave of purple fire is expelled from it.
  • Backburner Blaze - Purple fire shoots out from the Heaven's Devil's exhaust to torch enemies tailing him.
  • Handle Gatling - Turns the handlebars of the Heaven's Devil toward his target before using them as machine guns, firing energy bullets rapid-fire.
  • Toxic Exhaust - Spews clouds of poison from the exhaust pipes on the Heaven's Devil. Used to attack or for a getaway.
  • Dimensional Ride - Fired an energy beam from the Heaven's Devil's dragon head, ripping open a portal between the Human and Digital Worlds.