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Patamon is a fictional character & Digimon from the fanfictional series Digimon AA. He is the partner of Zun Gaoshi, member of the Neo-DigiDestined & alternate version of T.K. Takaishi.



  • Boom Bubble (Air Shot): Patamon's body inflates as he gulps in air—which he then shoots forward from his mouth.


Other Forms

Poyomon's Digi-Egg

Digi-EggPoyomon Custom

Poyomon's Digi-Egg

Poyomon's Digi-Egg is held Zun's Digivice & Tag, the Crest of Hope, & the other Digi-Eggs, Digivices, Tags, & Crests.


Poyomon t

Poyomon (ポヨモン?)

Poyomon is Patamon's Fresh form.


  • Bubble Blow (Acid Bubbles): An attack that fires bubbles from the mouth.


Tokomon t

Tokomon (トコモン?)

Tokomon is the In-Training form of Patamon.


  • Bubble Blow (Acid Bubbles): An attack that involves firing bubbles from the mouth.


Pegasusmon t

Pegasusmon (ペガスモン Pegasmon?)

DigiEgg Hope

Digi-Egg of Hope

Pegasusmon, the "Flying Hope", is the form Patamon becomes when he armor digivolves using the Digi-Egg of Hope.


  • Star Shower (Shooting Star): Pegasusmon shoots a cluster of stars from his wings.
  • Equus Beam (Silver Blaze): Shoots a green beam from his forehead.
  • Wind Mane (Needle Rain): Pegasusmon sends out a shower of needles from his mane.
  • Golden Noose (Sanctuary Bind): Pegasusmon partners with Nefertimon to bind enemies with a rope of golden light.


Angemon t

Angemon (エンジェモン?)

Angemon is the Champion form of Patamon.


  • Hand of Fate (Heaven's Knuckle): Angemon fires a beam of sacred energy from his fist.
  • Angel Rod (Holy Rod): A strike using the staff he carries.
  • Angel Staff (Holy Staff): Spins his staff to block incoming attacks.


MagnaAngemon t

ホーリーエンジェモン HolyAngemon

MagnaAngemon is Patamon's natural Ultimate form.


  • Gate of Destiny (Heaven's Gate): MagnaAngemon creates a large portal that sucks in the data from enemy Digimon. MagnaAngemon can also unleash an aurora beam when standing behind it.
  • Magna Antidote (Holy Disinfection): An all-purpose healing ability.


Shakkoumon t

Shakkoumon (シャッコウモン?)

Shakkoumon is an Ultimate Digimon who is the DNA Digivolved form of Angemon & Ankylomon.


  • Justice Beam/Harmonious Spirit (荒御魂 Aramitama?, lit. "Rough Spirit"): Radiates red laser beams from his eyes that can reach 100000° at their focal point.
  • Kachina Bombs/Clay Bomb (和御魂 Nigimitama?, lit. "Harmonious Spirit"): Fires clay disks from his waist.


Shamiromon is a Mega Digimon who is the digivolved form of Shakkoumon.


Seraphimon t

Seraphimon (セラフィモン?)

Seraphimon is Patamon's Mega form.


  • Strike of the Seven Stars (Seven Heavens): Fires seven super-heated spheres of sacred light at the opponent.
  • Testament: Uses the deepest mystery to convert its mortal life into a Big Bang.
  • Hallowed Knuckle (Divine Breaker): Launches an orb of light.
  • Excalibur: Attacks with the holy sword Excalibur, which is generated from the armor on his right forearm.
  • Hallowed Ascension (Ascension Hallow): Calls down powerful bolts of lightning.


TrinityAngemon is Mega Digimon who is the DNA Digivolved form of Seraphimon, Ophanimon, & Cherubimon.

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