Paul Gekko (月光ポール, Gekkou Poro) or his alias "Tsurugi Kenshin" was the DigiDestined. He is the Ancestor of Koichi Kimura and Koji Minamoto.


Paul Gekko is a teenager with lightly tanned skin, spiky brown hair and green eyes. He usually wears the Odaiba Middle School uniform; a white buttoned shirt with long sleeves under an open green blazer jacket, gray pants, white socks, and white and blue sneakers.


  • 30


  • Kusanagi Gekko- Father
  • Laura Gekko- Mother
  • Shunji Gekko- Older Brother
  • Kyoji Gekko- Older Brother
  • Kaede Gekko- Brother
  • Mira Gekko- Sister
  • Mikazuchi Gekko- Sister
  • Princess Gekko- Aunt
  • Prince Gekko- Uncle


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