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Peace, Love, & Woe
(Ai o sukue! Woemon no yami no sekai!)
"Save the Love! Woemon's Dark World!"

Peace, Love, & Woe is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


At the Youth Center, Taylor trains Carly, & Maggie does gymnastics. Nicky & Spencer are holding a banner while in the midst of decorating for a dance at the center. A skateboarding Brick gets wrapped up in the banner & Carly accidentally kicks him into the way of Hojo holding a cake.

At the palace on the moon, Lilithmon summons Woemon.

Spencers offers to teach Nicky some dance moves for that evening's dance. Nicky says he doesn't want to dance to attract girls, & the gang says he should find a date. As Nicky is leaving, he literally bumps into a girl. Her necklace falls off & Nicky retrieves it. The girl, Joan, has a similar demeanor to Nicky & they connect. Joan asks Nicky to the dance. First, they agree to a date at the park beforehand to discuss ideas on one of Nicky's inventions.

Lilithmon orders Woemon to capture one of the DigiDestined at the park that afternoon. Woemon mistakes Joan for a DigiDestined instead & sends her to a dimension in the Digital World. Nicky arrives to only find Joan's necklace. He's then attacked by Claymon. The others show up to help Nicky. Seraphimon brings the five to the Command Center to brief them on Woemon. They summon their Digimon & go to meet Woemon.

The DigiDestined are sent to the same dimension as Joan. Woemon, controller of the elements, is too powerful in that reality. The DigiDestined combine their digivices to teleport Nicky back to the human world. There, he faces Woemon on his own. After removing her head jewel, Nicky is able to break Woemon's dimensional power. The other DigiDestined & Joan are freed. With the Digi-Blaster, the DigiDestined destroy Woemon.

At the dance, Micky returns Joan's necklace. Brick & Stick show up in disguises, but Hojo spots them & says that they can't return to the center until they pay for the cake Brick ruined. Brick abides & removes his sock to give Hojo the money. Overcome by the smell of Brick's foot, Hojo passes out on top of the cake. After that, everyone moves to the floor to dance.

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