Penguinmon b
Partners Jimmy Depth

Penguinmon is a main character in Digimon Saviors. He is partner to Jimmy Depth.


Like that of a purple and white penguin.


He has a very strong sense of friendship, which has lead to him thinking everyone is his friend. He is also very naive and often times will not even be aware if his life is in danger. He doesn't like it when people are mean to him and will cry if yelled at. He always listens to Jimmy, as he loves him and believes whatever he says. Even though he doesn't really understand evil, if someone is in danger he will jump straight into action to help them.


  • Ice Prisim: Shoots ice shards from his beak.
  • Sliding Attack: Slides on his belly with extreme speed and strikes the opponent.

Other Forms

The name "Penguinmon" only refers to the rookie form of this digimon. Through out the series he gains the ability to digivolve into a number of more powerful forms.


Pichimon t


Pichimon is Penguinmon's fresh form. He first appears when hatching from MarineAngemon's digiegg. The only thing he ever says is "Pichi".


Bukamon t


Bukamon is Penguinmon's In-Training form. He first appears when he and Jimmy wake up in the Digital World.

Even though he is only an In-Training digimon, he shows great potential by taking down BladeKuwagamon with just one attack.


  • Froth Bubbles: Shoots a stream of bubbles at his opponent.


MarineAngemon t


MarineAngemon is Penguinmon's mega form. He was fighting Diaboromon when Jimmy was walking by. Diaboromon defeated him and he became a digiegg. Jimmy took the digiegg home and it hatched into Pichimon.


  • Kahuna Waves: Shoots a heart shaped bubble at his opponent having effects of both love and pain, though he prefers to use love.

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