Level Mega
Type Android
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms HiAndromon
* (w/ Boltmon)

PerfectAndromon is an Android Digimon whose name comes from "Perfect Andromon". By combining the mechanical tech of HiAndromon and the organic tech of Boltmon, the ultimate in artificial Digimon was formed as this Digimon. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Weapon Assimilation System, tests have conclusively proven PerfectAndromon to have no flaws in design, as well as being proven as the strongest of any mechanical Digimon. However, its great power is supplied to it by the well-defended power pack on its back. It is one of the Mega Dragon Tamers, having a dragon familiar of Andramon.


PerfectAndromon is a much better humanoid basis than regular HiAndromon, with most of its body resembling an actual casually dressed human instead of its blatantly-armored counterparts, aged 28 with green hair and blue eyes. His synthetic skin feels fully real, and he can feel sensations such as touch, smell, and taste. His "clothes" are actually armor, being white on top and gray on the bottom, with odd black gauntlets on his arms. He wears blue rocket boots, and a black power pack is equipped on his back. All metal of and on his body is made of specialized alloys of Chrome Digizoid: Gauntlets - Red, Rocket Boots - Blue, Armor - Gold, Power Pack - Black.

Digimon Data Squad Fanfiction

PerfectAndromon appears in a Digimon Data Squad fanfiction alongside Andramon and the rest of the Mega Dragon Tamers as an antagonist. In this appearance, PerfectAndromon is depicted as not expressing emotions often, even though he can. His main lackey is a Helimon. He is the fifth Dragon Tamer to fall, being defeated when his power pack is destroyed by Marcus's DNA-powered punch. He is seen again in the ending, having Digivolved back to Mega and humorously doing most of the work.


  • Weapon Assimilation - His signature technique. Absorbs a weapon from a Machine, Cyborg, or Android Digimon and adds it to his own arsenal.
  • Atomic Ray - HiAndromon's attack. Acquired from HiAndromon's Digicore.
  • Tomahawk Crunch - Boltmon's attack. Acquired from Boltmon's Digicore.
  • Lightning Blade - Andromon's attack.
  • Justice Strike - Armormon's attack.
  • Twin Beam - Mekanorimon's attack.
  • Blast Gatling - Tankdramon's attack. He does not use the Striver Cannon alongside this attack.
  • Digital Bomb - Datamon's attack.
  • Hyper Cannon - Tankmon's attack.
  • Metal Smirk Bomb - MetalMamemon's attack.
  • Dark Side Attack - Megadramon's attack.
  • Homing Blast - Rapidmon's attack.
  • Wheel Grinder - Locomon's attack.
  • Nitro Stinger - CannonBeemon's attack.
  • Soul Predator - MetalPhantomon's attack.
  • Guillo-Chain Saw - Giromon's attack.
  • Metal Punch - MetalEtemon's attack.
  • Trident Revolver - RizeGreymon's attack. Taken from a different RizeGreymon.
  • Photon Stream - Andramon's attack. Taken after Andramon is defeated.