Title King of the Ghosts
Level Mega
Type Demon Dragon
Attribute Virus, Data
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms HolyEnpimon

Phantomdramon is a Demon Dragon Digimon whose name is derived from "Phantom" and "Dramon". Unleashing the full power of the Crest of Courage, HolyEnpimon Warp Digivolved into this level. Phantomdramon is also known as the "King of the Ghosts". He looks like the ghost of a dead dragon. His claws are very sharp, able to rip anything to shreds. His teeth are made of Chrome Digizoid, and can pierce anything, injecting a virus that deletes the opponent slowly. His wings are very strong, allowing Phantomdramon to fly all over the world in one second. His tail is very sharp too, and Phantomdramon uses it for his attack Phantom Sword. If HolyEnpimon is already a powerful Digimon, Phantomdramon can defeat an opponent in ten seconds, or less, giving him the status of one of the most powerful Digimon ever.


  • Phantom Sword: Charges up his sharp tail, and cuts the opponent himself, or by thrown energy.
  • Phantom Breath: Shoots a lot of fire beams from his mouth, and they can reach a million degrees at their focal point.
  • Wind Scythe: HolyEnpimon's attack, but ten times more powerful, Phantomdramon charges up his two wings with energy and flaps them, transforming the wind around into sharp scythes.
  • Copier Eye: Looking at the opponent, Phantomdramon can instantly copy his attack.
  • Great Tornado: Enpimon's attack, Phantomdramon starts flying in circles, creating a powerful tornado that throws the opponent hundreds of meters.
  • Black Hole: Another HolyEnpimon's attack, Phantomdramon's Black Hole can suck a lot of Digimon at the same time.
  • Poison Bite: Phantomdramon bites his opponent, injecting a powerful virus that deletes the opponent slowly.
  • Needle Rain: Another Enpimon's attack, Phantomdramon shoots the thorns on his back to slice the opponent.
  • Thorn Boomerang: Phantomdramon shoots the huge needles on his arms, and throws them at the opponent like a boomerang.