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Phantomon's Attack
(Fantomon no Shinigami, Daiki o Moyasu)
"Grim Reaper of Phantomon, Burn up Daiki"
Written by Zekons

After Grademon Dark's defeats, Daiki and the others receives the messages from the mysterious Gennai and they must digivolve their Digimon with their every Crest Marks in order to defeat the evil kings. However, they were hidden from nowhere left to found. Daiki and the others encountered Phantomon, the second dark knight and he wants to steal the X-Antibody Type Ultra. Can they survives Phantomon's powerful attacks.

Key Events

  • Daiki and the others encounters Phantomon.
  • Daiki obtains Dragon Crest Mark for Dorumon which give new strength to DexDoruGreymon and become more stronger than previous battle against Grademon Dark.


Featured characters

Digimon Analyser

Special Move
Horn Buster
DexDorugamon: "MegaKabuterimon, the digivolved Ultimate Level version of Kabuterimon. It's Horn Buster could shock you!"


Other notes

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