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Phascomon is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».


Phascomon is a tiny Rookie Discimon who looks like a koala. It was found by Joe while he was alone and starved. The young boy asked him to spy on DigiDestined, in exchange, he was fed and accommodated. His father is the Elder of Darkness Village.


  • Evil Snore: Emits a sleep wave from its sleepy-looking eyes.
  • Eucalyptus Claw: Attacks with sharp claws containing paralyzing venom.

Other FormsEdit

In The Golden Digivice, Phascomon raises several forms, in spite of his Rookie form is the one that he sets mostly.


Porcupamon b


Porcupamon is Phascomon's Champion form. He is very rapid and agile but he is also quite aggressive. He is mute.


  • Madness Broach: Stabs the opponent with its sharpened body hair.
  • Slap and Rip: Slashes at the opponent with its edged claws.


Astamon t


Astamon is Phascomon's Ultimate form. He considers himself as an superior being and he treats the other Digimon as nobodies.


  • Hellfire: Fires every last bullet from the Oro Salmón.
  • Maverick: Attacks with a kick which unleashes all of its pent-up dark Qi.


Belphemon Rage Mode b


Belphemon is Phascomon's Mega form. Even if he used to be an incarnation of rage, he is quiet and docile.

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