Level Mega
Type Demon Lord
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Prior forms Manticoremon

Phenexmon is a Demon Lord Digimon, and the end all form of Yamimon. He can alternate between the appearance of a man dressed in ruddy florid robes with four rust red wings sprouting from his back and that of a large sanguine colored bird with four wings and a black beak (a dark and twisted parody of Phoenixmon). He sings in the voice of a young child, but if one were to listen to the words, they would be driven to insanity, at which point Phenexmon would bind them to his will. He hopes to return from his fall from heaven, but he won't find this delusion fulfilled.


Phenexmon's humanoid form is that of a man who is roughly 6' 2", wearing a set of extravagant robes with various shades of red and brown (ranging from deep rose to mahogany), as well as four blood colored wings, with an approximate wingspan of 7 feet. He holds a staff made of elder wood in his right hand, which he was granted by Daemon for his help in the rebellion against heaven. His bird form is large, with four wings and an ebony beak. He has a roughly 15 ft wingspan and talons sharp enough to break through Chrome Digizoid.


  • Insanity Hymn - Sings a song in a sweet voice, but subtly drives the listener to insanity
  • Re-Death Flame - Engulfs the foe in a column of fire that slowly corrupts their data
  • Elder Spell - uses its Elder Staff to cast a spell that immobilizes the foe (Human Form Only)
  • Cloak and Dagger - Showers the foe in a deluge of Chrome Digizoid daggers concealed within its robes (Human Form Only)
  • Dark Pinions - Rains down blood colored pinions engulfed in black flames (Bird Form Only)
  • Talon Ripper - Uses its talons to tear at the foe (Bird Form Only)


  • "Phenex" is a demon in Christian demonology, know for being a great poet and revealing many great sciences