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Level Armor Ultimate
Type Porpoise
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Metal Empire
Prior forms NailPorpoimon
Next forms ArmorAquamon
* (w/ RazorDolphimon)

PicoPorpoimon is an Armor Ultimate level Digimon. It was created when a group of children playing with thier toy hammer (Pico Hammer) on a monitor screen and suddenly merge this Digimon from nowhere to the Net Ocean. RazorDolphimon is the rival of PicoPorpoimon. The pico hammer onits tail can crush anything.


  • Pico Quake : Smashes the surface causing the earth to rumble.
  • Hammer Strike : Strikes the oppenent with a powerful blast.
  • Rainbow Pulse: A blast that makes all foes confused
  • Smashing Fin
  • Hyper Heat

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