Level Supreme
Type Insectoid Digimon
Prior forms Tentomon
Partners Tamer J

Pirubaggumon is a supreme digivolution of Tentomon. Tentomon needs the Supreme Key in order to digivolve to Pirubaggumon. Pirubaggumon's name derives from the japanese words for Pill "Piru" and Bug "Baggu". It looks like MegaKabuterimon (Red), Kuwagamon, and Digmon. It has four arms. It's third and fourth arm look like Digmon's third and fourth arms. It's wing shell has the same Blue Jem like MegaKabuterimon (Red)'s


Dynamo Shocker- Sends a 100000 Volt shock to the enemy

Insect Army- Sends and army of bugs to attack the enemy

Insect Infect- Scratches the enemy, causing venom to enter the body

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