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Level No Level
Type Mutant
Attribute Vaccine
Family Metal Empire
Virus Busters

Pistolmon is a Mutant Digimon whose name and design are derived from the pistol. It is a mutated Digimon whose body has become a pistol barrel. Although the details of how it was born are completely unclear, it has a deep sense of justice and acts as a "Virus Buster". It holds a big-brother-relationship with and high respect for Deputymon, and when the two meet, they both have gun barrels. It kinda looks like Olegmon.


Pistolmon wears a cowboy outfit and has a pistol for a body. Its mouth plate is reminiscent of Olegmon.

Digimon D-Legend

Pistolmon is a streetwise sheriff in the town in the Digital World.


  • Heavy Bullet: Personally becomes a gun barrel and fires an energy bullet.

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