The Plant Kingdom is a small forest. It is ruled by Cherrymon and Lotosmon. Unlike other armies, the Plant Kingdom army is focused on conquering the Digital World.


  • Lotosmon: The Founder of the Plant Kingdom. She rarely ever appears and often comes in hiding as Sunflowmon. She explains to Rina Yamada about why Angelique is so distant. She explains that Angelique is like a daughter to her.
  • Cherrymon: The Leader of the Plant Kingdom. He is a power-hungry leader who will stop at nothing to destroy his enemies. He loves a good fight. He despises all insect Digimon.
  • Jagamon: The Second-in-command of the Plant Kingdom. Jagamon is a power-hungry Digimon who works to have the Plant Kingdom be the ultimate army.
  • Shurimon: The "Guards" of the Plant Kingdom. Two Shurimon found Angelique Garcia and took her to the Plant Kingdom, where she were raised.
  • Floramon: Floramon are beautiful, gentle Digimon that don't like fighting. One Floramon was seen Digivolving to Vegiemon, it is unknown if all these Floramon Digivolve to Vegiemon.
  • Woodmon: Woodmon attacks Rina Yamada and Ryudamon when they first arrive, thinking they were part of the Insect Lair. Then he quickly apologizes and invite Rina and Ryudamon to the kingdom.
  • RedVegiemon: An ugly, messy Digimon with a gluttonous nature... despite this, RedVegiemon has a very useful Chili Pepper Pummel attack.
  • Argomon: A genius Digimon which gets appointed as the new Second-in-command after Cherrymon gets killed.

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