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Level Unknown
Type Slime
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Prior forms Any Digimon that poops too much
Next forms Sukamon, Allomon (+ Digi-Egg of Courage), Beelzemon (+ Impmon), Datamon (+ Computer), Divermon (+ Flippers), Ramon (+ brush)

Poopymon is a poop-type digimon. He digivolves from any Digimon that poops too much. Poopymon resembles the pink poo Numemon throws, but with a rat tail, crab claws, and a face like Sukamon's.


Toilet Overflow: He Throws a Toilet thats starts overflowing.

Crab Poop Attack: Shoots poo from his claws.

Disease Spread: Whips its tail at opponents. This makes them poo more.

Vomit Comet: Shoots pink vomit from his mouth.

Mega Attack: Creates an orb, fused from orbs from his claws, tail, and mouth. He fires it at his opponents.


Level Fresh
Type Slime
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Prior forms Puttimon (+ brush), Poopymon (+ brush)
Next forms ImperiaRamon

Ramon is the form created if you brush a Poopymon. He resembles a green Puttimon. Poopymon actually held Ramon inside of it, and Ramon is extremely powerful.


Cute Horn: Jabs opponents painfully with his horn.

Imperial Power: Makes Ramon Digivolve.


Level Super Ultimate
Type Slime
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Prior forms Ramon

ImperiaRamon is created when Ramon uses his Imperial Power Attack. ImperiaRamon is Ramon with a gold horn & wings.


Imperial Horn: Fires gold shards from his horn that vanish when they hurt something.

Imperial Wings: ImperiaRamon's wings turn sharp and he slashes his opponents.

Imperial Ultima: ImperiaRamon's armor turns silver. He fires a silver orb much larger than himself at the opponent.

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