Level In-training
Type Neutral
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Next forms Fan:Peasamon

Poriporimons likes to play and bounce all the time. Life to Porimons, they love to play and have fun the whole day. Poriporimons can be distinguished from their cousins, the Porimons, from their shape. Porimons are shaped like a fat drop of water. While Poriporimons are like orbs. Like their cousins, they say "poripori" before and after a sentence and statement.


Poripori Super Armada Attack!: Poriporimons from all over the Digital world will attack the opponent.

Hop, hop, strike, repeat: Poriporimons use this when an evil digimon disturbs them during playtime. They bounce around the opponent, gently hop three times, then they strike.