Power Suitmon
Level Ultimate (Mega)
Type Cyborg
Attribute Variable
Family Metal Empire
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Suitmon
Partners Hiro Kou
Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army

Power Suitmon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Power" and "Suitmon," as well as science-fiction style battle armor, the American Super Hero, and (I kid you not) Iron Man. (I know! I'm SO unoriginal!)

It resembles a perfect reflection of an adult Suitmon, without the color changes and the jet packs. It also bears a powerful core of light in its chest, that constantly gathers pure, positive energy in any form. It is made from a synthetic Chrome Digizoid with no real name, though it is rumored to be a synthesized from Blue, Gold, and Black Chrome Digizoid, although the black coloring makes it difficult to tell.

Power Suitmon was born from a Suitmon that achieved its dreams of being great, not through actually accumulating power, but from gaining the friendship of many friends with a kind and generous heart and reciprocating that friendship. This allowed for Suitmon to Chaos Warp Evolve using the Ancient Powers of Purity, Knowledge, Sincerity and Kindness, and become the archetype of "The Guardian."

Power Suitmon is a master of melee and ranged combat, with its primary attack being barraging foes with unprecedented speed with a wide array of physical attacks, most of which to fast to see (Steel Blur). The movements of Power Suitmon are said to be so swift, that even standing to close to its path could tear a weaker Digimon to shreds. Its special attacks are firing a wide variety of laser beams, bullets and missles from its body that target on home in on foes (Sentry's Arsenal) and releasing and EMP style pulse that passes over innocent bystanders and disintegrates the corrupted (Protector's Pulse.) Its most powerful attack is charging its core with all of its energy and firing a great blast of energy (Guardian's Judgement).


  • Steel Blur: Overwhelms foes with physical attacks. Power Suitmon attacks with such speed and power, that even being close to his attacks can cause damage.
  • Sentry's Arsenal: Fires chain guns, missiles and laser beams that lock on to and follow foes.
  • Protector's Pulse: Unleashes an EMP style energy pulse of energy that passes over innocent bystanders and disintegrates the corrupted.
  • Guardian's Judgement: charges up its core with all of its energy and fire's a great blast of energy that guarantee's victory.
  • P-Suit Up (Power Suit Up): Power Suitmon attaches to a human or Digimon and is worn like battle armor. Unlike a DigiXros, Power Suitmon can exhibit control if it pleases, and does not actually merge with the human or Digimon.