Level Champion
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon
Next forms ArchaicGreymon
*(w/ KitsuneHakumon)
Partners Matthew

PrehistoricGreymon is the Champion stage of PrimitiveAgumon. His appearance is like that of a normal Greymon, however, PrehistoricGreymon has a mark on his chest. This mark is a combination of the Crests of Determination and Loyalty. His arms are also differently colored from Greymon's. The left arm is a light blue, showing his icy powers. The right arm is a dark orange and covered in flames, showing his fiery side. PrehistoricGreymon can DNA digivolve with KitsuneHakumon to become HakuGreymon.

First Appearance

PrimitiveAgumon first digivolved into PrehistoricGreymon in episode 2 of Fan:Digimon Adventure: A Tale of Two Heroes. Matthew and Brittani were travelling through a forest in the Digital World when they ran into a Woodmon. Woodmon knocked both of their digimon aside and Brittani ran to her digimon. Woodmon advanced on Matthew, so PrimitiveAgumon got up and digivolved to protect his partner. PrehistoricGreymon was able to keep Woodmon occupied long enough for Hakumon to recover and rejoin the fight. The two digimon worked together to defeat Woodmon easily.

PrehistoricGreymon's Attacks

Great Freeze- ice shoots out of PrehistoricGreymon's left arm, which freezes anything it touches.

Nova Blast- the same as Greymon's attack.