Level None
Type Mini Dragon
Prior forms Kyamon
Next forms OmegaPrincedramon
Partners Michael "Mike" Knockhood

A fan Digimon created by JBolbotowski1.

Princedramon is a Mini Dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Prince Dramon", whose appearance is similar to Shoutmon except it wears a blue spaulders, a green knee pads, and a black headphones around its ears, each marked with a crown emblem.


  • Fire Rock: Forms a ball of flaming energy in the shape of an eighth note and throws it at the opponent.
  • Inferno Rage: Emits and fires the stream of fire from its chest.
  • Poseidon Rock: It gathers water in similar ways to the Fire Rock's energy and throws the load of water gathered.
  • Fire Force: Forms a super-heated version of "Fire Rock" and throws it at the opponent.
  • Phoenix Force: Hurls a giant fireball of super-heated energy formed from concentrated geothermic energies.
  • Rolling Rocker: Wields his mic as in bōjutsu.

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