The Project Victorize is an evil experiment created by Dr. Bagra (who is Bagramon's "father") that caused the Digital World, but this happened proir to the events in Digimon Xros Wars. He created Shoutmon, Greymon and SkullKnightmon as the "three hearts" in order to use the digital medias and conquer Earth. After Dr. Bagra used a Brakedramon (located in the Sweets Zone) to open a gate to DigiWorld's center and take the Code Crown, the chivarly order lead by Omnimon tried to stop him but when the Code Crown broke apart, these Digimon were turned into DigiMemories. At last Omnimon used the Digivice called "Xros Loader" (featuring the same letter "V" from Project Victorize in Shoutmon's head) and bring it to Xros Heart. However, Bagramon still wants to complete the Code Crown with the Darkness Loaders' negative energy and the denominated "Big Death-Stars" from his Bagra Army to communicate once again with his father. If that event named "D5" happens, Dr. Bagra will not only fuse the "three hearts" into his own weapon, but also could control all digital medias to conquer the Earth, and probably the whole universe.

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