Level n/a
Type (En:) Artificial
Attribute n/a
Family Unknown
Next forms Proximon Ameliorated

Proximon is a mysterious artificial digimon who's past is clouded in mystery. All it can remember is that it rejected it's master, to whom it refers to as "Bog Mašina", and was promptly stripped of almost all of it's memory files by the entity. It has a cold and distant heart, if it has one at all, and will relentlessly destroy all who get in the way of the path to it's objective. Notably, despite being a digital-lifeform rather than a natural digimon, it has been confirmed to have enough program similarities to be considered a digimon. It believes that it was created for the purpose of destroying all non-digital monster lifeforms, despite technically being one itself. Although it is said to have had the potential to digivolve, de-digivolve, slide evolve, etc., These abilities were stripped when it ambushed a digi-gnome village. It still keeps it's key ability, the tyrant xros, however, which upon the destruction of another digimon or digital-lifeform, allows it to take a part of the destructee's data and incorporating it into it's own, which has varied results depending on situation and the digimon/digital-lifeform absorbed. Physically, it is seemingly mechanical, although it also shares many aesthetic features with Icedevimon, the reason for this being lost with it's memories.


  • Barlblaze: Emits blue energy from the port on one of it's wrists that engulfs it's hand, then rushes at the opponent and strikes them..
  • Agurstavv: Ports all over it's body release blue energy and it dives at it's opponent like a spear.
  • //ERGiS.: An apparently accidental and debilitating occurrence where the ports all over Proximon's body emit raging bursts of blue energy and it falls to the ground, writhing in pain. Proximon does not seem to be able to foresee this, and it is currently unknown what triggers it.

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