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Type Mini Beast
Attribute None
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms AlphaPunchmon
Slide forms Shoutmon
DigiXros forms DigiFuse Chart

Punchmon X7 Superior Mode

Partners Blain Murray
Fusion Champions
Fusion Champion United Army

Punchmon is a Mini Beast Digimon whose name is derived from a "punch", and whose design is derived from a boxer. It is a calm and collected Digimon, despite the fact that it is a very powerful Combat Species. It's personality greatly differs from that of Shoutmon, it's long time rival. It cherishes it's "Champion K.O. Gloves", which it never takes off.

Fan: Digimon Fusion Champion


  • Uppercut Knock-Out: Hits the opponent with an amazing uppercut, which will knock out all but the most powerful foes.

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