Level Fresh
Type Angel
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Puttimon (w/ Pururumon VenoPuttomon (w/ a Vaccine)
Next forms VenoPuttomon (w/ a Virus) MagiPuttomon (w/ a Vaccine)

Puttomon resembles a green Puttimon. Puttomon is very powerful, despite being a Fresh-level, and can easily defeat any Champion Digimon.


Cute Horn: Jabs opponents painfully with his horn. Imperial Power: Puttomon fires a glowing orb.


Level Unknown
Type Primordial
Attribute Virus
Prior forms Puttomon (w/ a Virus)
Next forms Puttomon (w/ a Vaccine)

He resembles a pink Sukamon, but with a rat tail and crab claws. He is formed when a Puttomon is surrounded by a virus, and is really an alternate form of him.

Attacks: Crab Attack: Shoots slime from his claws. Disease Spread: Whips its tail at opponents. Pink Spray: Shoots pink goo from his mouth. Mega Attack: Creates an orb, fused from orbs from his claws, tail, and mouth. He fires it at his opponents.


Level In-Training
Type Slime
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Puttomon (w/ a Vaccine)
Next forms Sorcemon

MagiPuttomon is created when Puttomon is exposed to a Vaccine. MagiPuttomon is Puttomon with a gold horn & wings.

Attacks: Magic Horn: Fires pale blue shards from his horn that vanish when they hurt something.


Level Rookie
Type Angel
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms MagiPuttomon
Next forms Magemon

Sorcemon is yet another form of Puttomon. His strength from being Puttomon has completely faded, but he can still defeat most Rookies. He is an avid student in the field of magic, and has such learned many magical spells from all around Earth.

Attacks: Dosang Balam (도상 바람 dosang balam, slashing winds): Summons razor-sharp blades to slash the opponent. Itsvis Gardats’valebis (იწვის გარდაცვალების itsvis gardats'valebis, burning death): Lights the opponent on fire. Gu Tuchu (古突出 gǔ túchū, ancient prominence): Summons souls of the dead. Pesei Ouranos (πέσει ουρανούς pései ouranoús, falling skies): Brings down stars.


Attacks: Imperial Horn: Fires gold shards from his horn that vanish when they hurt something. Imperial Wings: ImperialPuttomon's wings turn sharp and he slashes his opponents. Imperial Ultima: ImperialPuttomon's armor turns silver. He fires a silver orb much larger than himself at the opponent.