QueenChessmon b
Title Machine Queen

QueenChessmon is King Drasil's wife & queen of the Machine Empire. She is also the mother of Kapurimon & Fuujinmon. She loves her husband & sons dearly as she shows great worry about King Drasil using the Sword of Alphamon once more.


When the Machine Empire drives Lilithmon & Tactimon off the moon, QueenChessmon indicates that they still need to capture their two former allies, though they ultimately fail. QueenChessmon & Drasil will spend the next few months trying to defeat the DigiDestined, but their plans are constantly thwarted. When Drasil decides to unearth the ancient Sword of Alphamon & personally face the DigiDestined, QueenChessmon expresses concern, fearing the consequences of Drasil's defeat. She & Kapurimon watch as Drasil is struck down by SuperZeomon, but the queen expresses confidence Drasil will be rebuilt.

When Bombmon usurps the Machine Empire, he tries to woo her to become his empress, in which she outright refuses due to her loyalty to Drasil. As a result, Bombmon throws her & Kapurimon in jail. When Fuujinmon appears, QueenChessmon is delighted to see him & her daughter-in-law, Crusadermon. Unlike her husband, she expresses pride in Fuujinmon's efforts to deal with the DigiDestined, much to Kapurimon's displeasure. This doesn't seem to mean much in the long run, however, as she instantly takes to her husband's side on his return & helps chase Fuujinmon & Crusadermon away.

QueenChessmon, along with the rest of the royal house, is blown up by Lilithmon & Tactimon at the end of the series thanks to a bomb disguised as a present. This will mark the end of her family's attempts to conquer Earth.