(??? TBA)
Title Queen of Legion
Level Super Ultimate
Type Swarming
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Dark Area

Quenadramon is a Legendary Digimon that serves as the reason why so many Nagadramon eggs flood the Dark Area. Since these eggs existed yet Nagadramon were only Male, there had to be a Female counterpart that layed all of the eggs. Quenadramon would go undiscovered until a special Monitamon was sent to find out about this legendary six armed individual. She has this many arms mostly to support her massive bulk and muscle, and is usually much slower than Nagadramon is. She lays millions of eggs a month and is why Nagadramon over populate the Dark Area. The only time a Quenadramon egg is layed is once every 100 years, where it is destined to become the new Queen of the Nagadramon after the previous Quenadramon dies of age.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Quenadramon can be faced in two different ways. One is after the main storyline if you faced a different boss out of the four at the beginning of the game, with Quenadramon being able to be obtained during the main storyline if you faced Nagadramon last. Quenadramon specializes in the Dark element and is an HPType Digimon. She does NOT digivolve from Nagadramon, due to both Digimon being entirely different genders.