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Ruben Hagane

Ruben Hagane
Appears in:Fanfics
First appearance Digimon Generations (Season 1)
Last appearance Digimon 2112 (Season 2)
Voice actor(s):(PT:) Ruben Miguel Pereira
Digivice(s):Triple Digivice
Trait(s):Courage (勇気 Yuuki?)
Age 14 (Digimon Generations) / 15 (Digimon 2112)
Gender Male
Known relatives Kari Kamiya (Girlfriend)
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Student

Ruben Hagane is a kid with the same age that T.K. and Kari ( Digimon Adventure 02 ) . He loves adventures and is passionate for video games and for the Digital World. The Digivice of his is a "Triple Digivice", a Digivice that has 3 forms (Normal, Crest and Focused). Ruben is also a DigiDestined in Digimon Generations and in Digimon 2112, is also the "Golden DigiDestined" (His Digivice has a fourth form: Gold)

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