Level Champion
Type (Ja:) Aquatic Digimon
(En:) Crustacean
Attribute Virus

Raademon is a Champion Level Crustacean Digimon that resembles a crab with scorpion-like tail. An Aquan Digimon resembling a scorpion/crab. It's actually related to Scorpiomon and Crabmon. It has a Kappa-like hard shell and big scorpion/crab-like claws. Others should be cautious of its fierce personality. It lives in the deep part of the Net Ocean. He walks on two legs.

  • Crabby Scissor Claw: Uses his crab right claw to crushes his foes.
  • Hydro Beam: Fires a white hot steam/flame-like beam from his mouth.
  • Dark Side Blaster: Fires a charged beam of dark flame from its scorpion left claw.